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How To Develop Engaging Artist Strategies In A Changing Music World

Universal faces a massive transformation in the music market due to digital developments and the switch from physical releases to more streaming and download content. Classic marketing measures that support album releases do not fit the actual demands anymore. Therefore it is necessary to change the classic strategies and develop multi-platform concepts that support the new business models.

Ruwen and Beluga developed a creative sprint to guide the creative marketing process. It consists of three steps:

  1. Ethnographic Target Group Snapshots
  2. Creative Consumer Workshops
  3. Internal Strategy Workshop

It is a lean and fast process that has been applied on many artists. It uses existing knowledge about the artist and enriches it with actual findings and trend analysis. Based on these insights we develop engaging campaign content for different channels as well as longer term artist strategies. We enhance the connection with the artist (= brand) as well as finding the right topics for the overall artist story across the channels to support releases.

Ruwen and Edwin will introduce their approach and give examples of ideas that have been developed to engage with the target.

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