Melanie Mohr

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Melanie Mohr

Melanie Mohr is a Berlin-based digital entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience producing and telling stories with video. She combines this with her love of shopping in YEAY, a company she founded to redefine m-commerce for Generation Z, the next generation of consumers.

Melanie understood the selling power of video and could see that TV shopping just wasn’t keeping up with the needs of today’s teens. It was this realisation that led to YEAY: a platform that fuels the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of Generation Z, while helping brands build a closer and more collaborative relationship with this younger and harder to reach audience.

Before launching YEAY, Melanie produced more than 100 TV shows ranging from music videos and documentaries, to kid's entertainment and prime-time TV. She also founded Apollo TV and developed two apps for the creative lifestyle platform.